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Everty Bulgaria is part of Everty Group, a global company that owns and develops a portfolio of Class-A and Class-B commercial, residential, hotel and mixed-use properties spanning the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. We are committed to acquiring, developing and operating an exclusive property portfolio in prime locations in Sofia and across the country. As a driven, fast-growing company, we are continuously looking for new investment opportunities to build sustained value in the Bulgarian market.


We build long-term value with our global portfolio by selecting properties in key locations and creating modern, dynamic and vibrant spaces that inspire creativity, support collaboration and promote social connection. We integrate bold design principles and operational excellence to bring innovation to our communities and meet the highest requirements of modern businesses.  


Everty is building a portfolio of top-tier properties in thriving markets worldwide, including our first major investment in Bulgaria, the Perform Business Center.

A landmark in business spaces in Sofia, Perform Business Center’s modern design, technical infrastructure and convenient location make it an attractive place for companies to host their operations and a natural choice for many employers and employees.

Everty’s portfolio also includes an ever-growing number of properties and projects
across the world: